Do You Need a Boxspring with A Memory Foam Mattress For Your Bed?

Do You Need a Boxspring with A Memory Foam Mattress For Your Bed?

For a memory foam mattress to work well, it needs a firm surface for support. People that use a foundation or box spring for their current mattress just throw the mattress out and put the memory foam mattress on top of what they have. But is it okay, to do that? Would a boxspring work with a memory foam.

That all depends on how firm the boxspring is. You can certainly put a memory foam mattress on a boxspring as long as it supportive and firm. If it isn’t then chances are the memory foam will not work too well. So if your boxspring isn’t strong then you may want to consider getting a new one.

Other options that work with memory foam mattress

You can also use a slatted platform with a memory foam mattress. The slats need to be supportive so make sure they are strong and need to be a few inches in width and about an inch apart.

If you decide to use a solid platform then that may cause a bit of a problem. You want space between so the mattress can breathe. The mattress needs airflow at the bottom because when you sleep on it, moisture from the body transfers to the mattress. If there is no airflow it starts to build up in the mattress and forms molds at the bottom. If you have a solid platform, you can drill holes in it so there is airflow. Wooded solid decks would work while plastic would probably not with a memory foam mattress.

You shouldn’t use a memory foam mattress on the floor. Doing so causes the same problem as with a solid deck support. There is no airflow at the bottom so mold starts to form.

Memory foam mattresses are great for the back and one of the most comfortable material for the mattress. The material adapts to your body, letting it sink into the mattress but at the same time providing you plenty of support. So you get the support and comfort you expect when you go to bed. Just make sure you get the right support for the mattress so it lasts for years.