How To Keep Your Down Comforter From Bunching Inside Its Duvet Cover

Help! My Comforter Keeps Bunching And Sliding To One Corner


This is a problem that used to drive me crazy.

Every morning I would wake up with my comforter bunched up on one side inside the duvet cover. The other side of the duvet cover would just be two thin sheets with nothing in between.

Of course my boyfriend would be the one with the comforter while I ended up with nothing but a duvet cover!

This problem is not caused by a large duvet cover.

Nor is it caused by too much movement.

The bunching just happens naturally unless you take some very simple steps to stop the comforter from moving around.

If you're sick of having to climb inside your duvet cover to fetch your bunched up comforter, keep reading.

Here are 3 easy ways to keep your comforter smooth and in place inside any type of comforter cover.

1.Use large safety pins to pin the corners of the comforter to the cover.  The pins end up covered by the comforter anyways and you'll never feel them. 

If the thought of getting poked scares you, somebody already thought of the solution! 



Somebody actually makes comforter clips that solve this very problem.  All you need is a 4 pack of clips (1 clip per corner).  Surprisingly these do not fall off even after months of use.

2.Some covers have ties inside the corners like the ones below.  You can then tie the corners of your comforter to the cover.





If your comforter has a loop in the corner, then tie it like so.




Otherwise just tie a knot around the corners of your comforter.


  1. If you do not have any ties inside, it's very easy to add some to your duvet cover.  All you need are some long ribbons or twill tape plus a needle and thread. Sew one piece of ribbon to the insides of each corner of your cover.  A couple stitches through the middle of the ribbon is all you need to keep the strip in place.  Just make sure the two ends of your new comforter ties are long enough to wrap around your comforter.

Your Cover is only as Good as Your Goose Down Comforter



Choosing the right cover is great, but it won't help you sleep better unless it is protecting a quality goose down comforter. 


At Cozy Feather, our goose down comforters are built with quality design and materials. We boast a 100% cotton 400 thread count cover and an amazing 650+ Fill Power goose down provides the luxurious loft. 


Not only are the materials top notch, but our goose down comforters are designed to please. We have speciality designed baffle boxes to keep your down in place. No more worrying about all your fill bunching up or creating uneven coverage. 

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Best Down Comforter Cover

A down comforter cover is a wonderful piece to add to the bedroom. These covers are available in many different colors, contributing to a more aesthetically-pleasing and functional bedroom at the same time.

If you aren’t that familiar with down comforter covers, that is no problem. That's where we come in.

At Cozy Feather, we are obsessed with all things sleep. Let us share everything you need to know about down comforters and their covers! 


Facts About Down Comforter Covers

A down comforter cover is also known as a duvet cover and it can be used to instantly transform the appearance of the bed. This transformation is not on in a more luxurious appearance, but also a more transformative sleeping experience. 


A goose down comforter can easily be updated to suit any decor with a new comforter cover. This is a much more affordable option than a new bedding set.


Many people have a few comforter covers that they use interchangeably to freshen up the appearance of the bedroom.

On top of having a decorative purpose, the comforter covers protect the goose down comforter that’s located underneath. They keep it from getting dusty or potentially stained.


Most comforter covers are either machine washable or easy to maintain in a good condition. Even if the cover gets stained, it will be a lot easier to clean than the comforter itself.


Apart from these main functions and characteristics, down comforter covers have a couple of additional features worth mentioning:

  • There are many sizes to choose among – a comforter cover is available for just about every bed, from a single to a king-sized.


  • Many of these products are hypoallergenic. That’s a good pick for the extra-sensitive individuals that react to dust mites. Dust mites can easily settle in the filling of the cover. This is why the material that the exterior is made of can act as an effective “barrier” and reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.


  • Buyers can choose among a vast array of colors and patterns. As already mentioned, the decorative purpose ranks among the most important ones. Down comforter covers are available in a spectacular range of colors, patterns and designs. There are some products that match bedding sets, which makes them perfect for the creation of a dream bedroom.

How to Buy a Duvet Cover



When buying a duvet cover, it’s important to keep several things in mind:

  • Size: this is the obvious first consideration. A down duvet cover should be big enough to cover the comforter underneath and hang from the sides of the bed. A small cover isn’t suitable because it simply can’t create the same visually-pleasing effect. Start by measuring the bed and exploring the possibilities that the market has to offer.


  • Color and pattern: will you use the same down comforter cover all of the time? Are you planning seasonal changes? If you’d like to change the cover during the hot and the cold months, you’ll need to choose at least two colors/pattern combinations that correspond to the season and the interior design of your home.


  • Care and maintenance: manufacturers provide a lot of information about the care, maintenance and washing procedures that are to be followed. Always go through this information before making a purchase. Down comforter covers that can be cleaned in the washing machine are usually the best option.


  • The exterior material of your cover:  The material of your duvet cover  has a number of important characteristics. If you want a wrinkle-free appearance, opt for a cotton-poly blend. Acrylic fabrics are also very easy to maintain and they don’t get wrinkled easily.


The Best Down Comforter Covers on the Market

Doing just a little bit of online research will give you a pretty good idea about the types of down comforter covers available on the market.

The best way to shop involve doing a duvet cover comparison. Taking a look at the different product that the market has to offer and comparing their characteristics side by side will give you a pretty good idea about the best price to quality ratio. Take your time, decide on a budget in advance and shop around. That’s the best way to identify the most important characteristics and choose the item that’s just right for you.