Top Down Comforter Comparison Guide

Kay Bouchard

Kay Bouchard

Need help choosing a comforter? Ask a bedding nerd!

Just tell me a little more about how you sleep and what you're looking for. For example:

"I'm a hot sleeper who lives in Southern California. I want a blanket that's light and fluffy like a down comforter but I can't stand anything that makes me sweat. Is there a comforter that's under $200 and right for me?"

I will personally go through each of your questions and suggest a couple comforters for you. Be sure to let me know...

  1. When do you want to use your comforter? (summer/winter/all year round)
  2. What size comforter are you looking for? (twin/queen/king/cal-king)
  3. Are you a hot or cold sleeper?
  4. What is your budget? (<$200,<$400,<$1000,$1000+)
  5. What's the most important factor for you? (looks/customer service/warranty/warmth/lightness)
  6. Are you in the USA or overseas?
  7. Any other questions or concerns?

The Best Brands Based On Consumer Ratings & Reviews

The Best Brands Based On Consumer Ratings & Reviews

Sort the list of comforters by clicking the up/down arrows at the top of the table.

*Prices quoted at the time of publication. Current prices may vary.

Name Brand Rating (5 is the best) Warmth Country of Origin Allergy Safe? True Baffle Boxes? Retailers
Embrace™ Comforter Embrace 4.5 Year-round
Made in USA Yes No Check Prices
Light Warmth Deluxe Down Comforter Down Comforters 4.4 Summer Made in USA (Covering made in China) Yes Yes Check Prices
Light Weight Comforter Pacific Coast 4.7 Summer Made in USA Yes Yes (Levels 3 and 4 only) Check Prices
Luxury White Goose Down Comforter Pacific Coast 4.3 Year-round
Made in USA Yes Yes Check Prices
SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter SuperLoft 4.1 Year-round Made in China Yes Yes Check Prices


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