About Us

Make Your Bed Your Happy Place

Creating a Cozzzy world one bed at a time. 

At Cozzzy, we are dedicated to designing a comforter for an improved night's sleep. Better quality sleep can help with:

  • Your ability to think clearly
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Physical health 

Quality designed to last.  

Our quality comforters have been tested for maximum comfort, luxury, and durability. 

At CozyFeather, our comforters have a specialized baffle box construction that ensures your down stays in the comforter!

Unlike synthetic comforters, our quality goose down comforters last an average of 10 to 20 years. This means that you will get night after night of better quality sleep for just pennies a night. 

The Cozy Feather Difference

One of the most important factors in any down comforter is the loft. The loft is the measurement of the fullness of the down. The more loft, the warmer the down comforter. 

Our Cozy Feather comforters have been designed with the perfect amount of loft to keep you warm and cozy all winter and comfortably cool all summer. 

Regular comforters trap heat and cause you to sweat and wake up sticky.

The airiness of our superior goose-down comforters does not trap heat and allow it to accumulate under the covers. You are kept cool and comfortable. 

Great for those with Allergies! 


hypoallergetic goose down  

The breathability of our goose-down comforters repels moisture to help prevent dust mites from accumulating.

Allergy sufferers can breathe better and wake up well-rested with our superior goose-down comforters. 

Our Commitment to Quality and Better Sleep 

Cozy Feather doesn’t skimp on quality. In fact, we will go to the ends of the world to find the best materials, newest innovations, and a whole lot of old-world craftsmanship just for you.

We want you to get cozy. We insist on it. Our focus is you.

Trust in us to deliver you to dreamland on an all embracing goose down comforter and pillow like the royalty you are. You deserve this good night’s rest and we want you to get cozy with us. Our down comforters and other premium products have been thoroughly tested for maximum comfort and durability.

At Cozy Feather, you will see us working hard to maintain exceptional standards in down and feather bedding. We are dedicated experts at sending people to a happy place.  

Quality Customer Service

Our staff is completely enamored with the luxurious products we carry, and are more than pleased to share that exhilaration with you. Our customer service is wide awake with superior knowledge on each and every item we sell. If you should ever experience a problem with a Cozy Feather product, we are readily available to amend the situation.

We have positioned ourselves in the goose down and feather bedding market to reign as the number one consumer’s choice for quality products.  Imagine a place where luxury bedding is exciting, subtle, and personal.

Cozy Feather will have what you are looking for, or we will lose sleep over it.

quality goose down comforters