About Us

Wrap Yourself in Sustainable Softness


The Bamboo Bed was founded by a team of moms who wanted to create a sustainable, affordable, and high quality bedding option. 


At the Bamboo Bed, we believe in using sustainable materials in our products. That is why we use 100% organic bamboo. 


Bamboo was chosen specifically for both its buttery softness and its low environmental impact. 


Best for the Planet


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant with some varieties able to grow up to a meter a day. Bamboo crops improve soil condition, and their dense crops require less land to produce. 


Bamboo production also requires less chemicals and the water required can be reused over and over again. 

We strive to use as little plastic in our packaging as possible and are constantly striving to minimize our carbon footprint. 


Better Sleep for a Better Day


At The Bamboo Bed, we understand the importance of sleep. As busy moms of young children, we know what difference a good night’s sleep can make in your day.

We love that our products encourage a restful sleep with moisture-wicking, temperature control and intense softness. 



We hope you will enjoy a blissful night’s sleep on us! 







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